Sales of Rescue items

The following items have come to light whilst Spring Cleaning prior to closing down – See Snowsled Future. Some are new and unused , others a little grubby, and others still old stock before designs were updated. Prices quoted all include VAT. Carriage. is not included.

Vacuum mattress sacs

We have 3 sacs available, all the standard size – 95 X 35 X 25 cms,

1 brand new in high tenacity Nylon @ £36.00
2 new but a little grubby in 100 denier ‘Cordura’ @ £24.00

Smaller rucksacs

75 X 40 X 30 cms, all brand new,

3 in high tenacity Nylon with standard full length pocket in front panel, @ £25.00
1 in ‘cordura’, without the pocket, @ £30.00

Flectalon thermal rescue blanket

Very old (around 25 years), but unused. Price: £48.00

Casualty bags

1. Insulation pods

We have 4 available, 2 of which are prototypes, in high tenacity Nylon, described first below. The main difference between these and the two production models (3 below) is in the basic undeveloped envelope stowage, and also the prototypes both have 10 Tog insulation.

See Casualty bag – Insulation Pod for detailed description of current design, as per the last two bags below.

Prototype bags, 1 with internal side racks of attachment loops

and the 2nd without the side loops, both @ £445.00 (incl. VAT)

The last two (current design) Insulation Pods are brand new latest production models @ £545.00 to clear (incl. VAT) (RRP £1068.00). Both have 5 TOG insulation panels. See Casualty bag – Insulation Pod

2. SCS casualty bag.

See SCS casualty bag

We have one of these available, latest design and unused, which was last made around 5 years ago. Similar to the Insulation pod but with additional internal torso and leg restraint for comfortable retention of casualty during vertical lowers, together with length and cross strapping underneath for attaching to stretcher. Price now £64500 (incl. VAT) to clear.

Vacuum mattress, old pattern.

We have one old mattress (old-style Cordura cover and bladder) – maybe 20 years old, which will work well for training or even rescue proper. Nothing wrong with it apart from the cover being old style and bladder some years old. Going for £175.00.

Vacuum mattress bladder

We have one old vac mat bladder, which is ideal for training but will not hold sufficient vacuum for rescue for real. It retains useful vacuum for around 2 hours. Price £45.00.

Fibrelight Ladder

Standard product as of 15 years ago. Price: £59.00