sale pulk items

Half-length pulk bags

Made for a customer 15 years ago and then not taken, these are unused, in 500 denier Cordura, with a roll-top, adjustable carrying handles and two adjustable straps over the top. Size: 70 length X 40 X 40 cms. Photo shows one in our HDPE Trail pulk, which they are made to fit.

10 available @ £25.00 each.

Full length pulk bags

All new.

Expedition flight bag
– 2 available – was £156.00, now £103.00.
Trail flight bag
– 2 available – was £148.00, now  £98.00.
Trail full length bag
– 2 available – was £102.00, now £68.00.

Hauling harnesses

We have the following styles and sizes available, all brand new, and at 30% reduced price on previous RRP. Prices include VAT.

Waist harness (for shaft and rope shown)
for shaft and rope:  3 X small, 6 X medium. Was £95.00 Now £63.00.
for rope only:           1 X small. Was £59.00 Now £39.00.

Full harness 
for shaft and rope:  5 extra small, 1 medium. Was £117.00 Now £77.00.

Full length pulk bags,

All new.

Expedition flight bag – 2 available – was £156.00, now £85.00.
Trail flight bag – 2 available – was £148.00, now  £79.00.
Trail full length bag – 2 available – was £102.00, now £59.00.

Fibreglass pulks. 

We have the following pulks available, all unused, as follows. These currently do not have runners or covers fitted, but these will be fitted when order confirmed, on a first come first served basis. Therefore, payment with confirmed order required.

Dimensions are, (length X width X height at front)


Greenland 170, all fibreglass.  (shown with additional hauling shaft) 3 available   (166 X 48 X 25 cms)

All unused. Last ever chance to purchase a Snowsled 170 fibreglass pulk! Original price £540 + VAT.  Offers over £320.00 each incl. runners and cover fitted + carriage (incl. VAT).

Icecap 200, all fibreglass. 2 available   (200 X 59 X 34 cms)

Both unused. Last ever chance to purchase a Snowsled 200 fibreglass pulk! Was £705.00 + VAT. Offers over £390.00 each incl. runners and cover fitted.  Buyer arranges collection. (incl. VAT)

Sale of miscellaneous items




See for specification and description.
We have the following sizes available – price was £117.00
Red: 1 large – latest design @ £75.00 each
Blue: 2 large, latest design @ £75.00 each
Antique bronze: 1 large – previous design, @ £60.00

Ventile jacket

Double Ventile jacket, olive with antique bronze lining, large size, hardly worn (maybe twice). new price was £330.00. Now £110.00.





Two pairs have come to light, both unused, but ‘shop-soiled’. 

1. Baffin – Barneo style, UK size 7, (Baffin rated to -100C.) 2 insoles, inner insulated boot, outers – rubber rands then leather and Nylon uppers. Price £70.00.


2. Baffin – old style Expedition boots, UK size 11, (Baffin rated to -100C). insole, inner insulated boot, outers – robber rand then Cordura uppers. Shop soiled but never used. Price £75.00.



3. Sorel. UK size 10, leather, uncertain style (we have had them for at least 25 years) but would have been rated to at least -20C.  Price £30.00.





3 X woollen ‘helmet’s that we had made for the Shackleton recreation expedition some years ago, so around 1914 polar style. Very warm, all wool @ £14.00 ea.


Sleeping bag cover

Sleeping bag cover in lightweight canvas, length 2.10 m to chin, width 75 cms tapering to 62 cms at foot, with drawcord. Price £29.00

Ski bindings

Offers? There are 5 sets except (crucially) for 4 pairs of toe pieces. Therefore 1 full pair + 4 sets spares except toe pieces, but including 4 sizes heel springs (2 X large). All @ £25.00.