Sale items at Snowsled Polar

In view of the imminent major changes at Snowsled Polar Ltd (see Snowsled Future, we have been doing some Spring Cleaning and discovering items that need to find a good home. Pulk items are below, Rescue products are on the page at Sale of Rescue Items.

Page updated 8th May 2017. No doubt as time goes on there will be more to add to this page.

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Half-length pulk bags

Made for a customer 15 years ago and then not taken, these are unused, in 500 denier Cordura, with a roll-top, adjustable carrying handles and two adjustable straps over the top. Size: 70 length X 40 X 40 cms. Photo shows one in our HDPE Trail pulk, which they are made to fit.

half-length pulk bag in HDPE Trail pulk


10 available @ 25.00 each + carriage and VAT

Hauling harnesses

We have the following styles and sizes available, all brand new, and at 30% reduced price on previous RRP. Prices include VAT.

Waist harness (for shaft and rope shown)
for Shaft and rope:  3 X small, 7 X medium @ 66.00.
for Rope only:           2 X small, 1 X medium @ 41.00

Full harness (for rope only shown)
for Shaft and rope:  5 X Xtra small, 2 X small, 1 X medium @ 81.00.
for Rope only:           2 X small @ 58.00

Fibreglass and Kevlar pulk shells. 

We have shells available, all unused, as follows. These currently do not have runners or covers fitted, but this can be done, although runner lengths numbers are limited (first come first served). Therefore, payment with confirmed order required.

Specifications are, (length X width X height at front)

Greenland 135, all fibreglass.  2 available  (136 X 48 X 25 cms)

Both good condition. Offers over 290.00 each + carriage and VAT, incl. runners and cover.

Greenland 170, all fibreglass.  (shown with additional hauling shaft) 5 available   (166 X 48 X 25 cms)

Most good condition, some marked inside shell. Offers over 320.00 each + carriage and VAT, incl. runners and cover.

Icecap 200, all fibreglass. 3 available   (200 X 59 X 34 cms)

All good condition. Offers over 390.00 each + VAT, incl. runners and cover. Buyers collect.

North Pole 240, Kevlar. 2 available  (241 X 62 X 46 cms)

Made around 2000 but expedition failed to fund itself. They are 85% Kevlar, have been kept indoors and were being converted for our then rafting system, with fibreglass tubes back and front, through which a metal pole could be fitted t0 provide a very stable platform for crossing water. one of them is unfinished.

We are looking for offers over 250.00 each + VAT as they are – we can discuss runners and cover. Buyers collect.

Greenland 135 and 170

Icecap 200

North Pole 240