New Wheels

The Snowsled wheel system is made primarily for competitors in the 6633 Arctic Ultra race, organised by Likeys. The next race takes place in March 2017.

Availability – whilst we are happy to discuss and take provisional orders for these, they will not be available for despatch until late November 2016, in good time for training before the next race.

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When there is little snow, or none at all in some areas, or you need to cross extensive areas of hard packed snow and ice, then wheels may be the answer. (NB: Please don’t be tempted to drag a pulk over snow-free ground; it will ruin the bottom of the pulk and significantly increase friction).

The wheeled pulk system was developed for these situations (principally for the 6633 Ultra Race) using a pair of 7-1/2″ (19 cms) pneumatic wheels that give ground clearance of about 5″ (12.5 cms).  The system is attached to the pulk at the beginning of a journey (bolted under the perimeter flange) and left on for the duration.

See 6633 Ultra race Facebook page, with U-tube video of 2016 race and many gallery photos.

This year the system design has changed from a supporting metal framework to a wood beech laminated one. The reasons for this are,

more user friendly
stronger, allowing greater loads to be carried
available for both Trail and Expedition size pulks
lower weight
smaller shipping volume, and
lower price


As with the old system, there are still the two purchase options – one wheel pair or two-wheel pairs. The benefits/drawbacks of each are described lower down in the table.


one pair of wheels


Normally when hauling a pulk on snow, without wheels, the hauling shaft is free to pivot vertically.

However, for a one wheel-pair system, the shaft needs to be fixed firmly to the pulk in order to keep the nose up.

If/when you want to haul on snow again, the wheels can be removed, but hauling then needs to be by ropes (attached and knotted behind the standard holes on top of the pulk rim) or, by using a standard hinged hauling shaft, as it needs to be free to pivot vertically.

When using two pairs of wheels, the standard hauling shaft also has to be used, as it needs to be free to pivot.

Option comparisons

One wheel-pair optionTwo wheel-pair option
StabilityFore and aft stability relies
on organising pulk load to balance with, ideally, a small resultant positive load at the harness attachment point
No need for fine balancing
Shaft attachmentMust be fixed on top of
pulk flange. NB. If switch to towing on snow rather than wheels, then a rope tow should be used, unless the standard hauling shaft poles and pulk-end attachments are available.
Must pivot vertically, ie, must use standard shaft arrangement as if towing pulk without wheels
Maximum load50 Kgs50 Kgs
SteeringFree steeringNon steering - large turning circle, and possible strain on hauling shafts.
ComfortPulk and it's load may
tend to bounce if running or moving fast. Small load at hips.
No bounce, no load on hips.
CostSingle wheels unit cost + possibly extra shaft items if towing without wheels.Double wheels unit cost + standard hauling shaft.
Equipment included in price below/extrasa) Pair of wheels,
b) Beech laminated support.
c) Rigid shaft attachment tubes
d) Harness-end shaft tubes (half
of standard hauling shaft tubes.)
e) Baseboard

Possible extras if need to haul without wheels - ropes, or pulk end shaft tubes and pulk arms.
a) Two pairs of wheels,
b) Beech laminated supports.
c) Standard hauling shaft and attachments.
Weight: complete wheel
1.93 Kgs (4.25 Lbs)
+ weight of baseboard
(1.75Kgs - 3.85 lbs)
3.85 Kgs (8.45 lbs)

Suggested equipment 

for the 6633 Ultra Race (click on other items below to see their description,

1. Needed

HDPE pulk shell

Wheel system/shaft (this page), depending on consideration of table above.

Baseboard – necessary for support if one wheel pair option is preferred (but included in the price for this option). Baseboard not needed for two wheel pair option.

Hauling harness

2. Probably you will also need

Adjustable straps

Full length sled bag

3. Very useful, but not essential

Set stuff sacs and Flight bag

Notes  – One wheel-pair option only

When loading your pulk, there are two requirements –

1. The heaviest items should be placed directly over the wheels, and

2. The lighter items must be arranged so that the centre of gravity of the whole pulk and load is over the wheels. Then, when the hauling shaft is attached, there will be a small positive load, perhaps about 1 Kgs (2 lbs) at the harness.

For comfortable hauling, try loosening the harness belt when hauling on the flat or going up hill. This of course requires a full harness; a waist harness would fall down!


One wheel-pair option, includes,
1 pair of wheels
Beech laminated support
Required shaft components

Total price – £245.83 (+ VAT in EU = total £295.00)

Two wheel-pair option, includes,
2 pairs of wheels
Beech laminated supports
Standard hauling shaft

Total price – £426.67 (+ VAT in EU = total £512.00)