HDPE pulk shells

Complete system availability – see other pages for bags, straps, harnesses, shafts, ropes, rafting system – all especially designed to enhance the performance of the HDPE shells and to support any traveller on snow and ice, in any situation.

Formerly named Ice Blue®, these sturdy HDPE shells glide extremely well and take the challenges of pack-ice and sastrugi in their stride.

For Snowsled pulks at speed go to ‘Wings over Greenland’ Expedition where there is video and description about the 500+ Kms circumnavigation of Greenland in 2014.

HDPE Trail pulk:
Design loading up to 45 Kgs (100 lbs)
Unladen weight: 2.2 Kgs (4.8 lbs)   Price: £67.00 incl. VAT

HDPE Expedition pulk:
Design loading
up to 100 Kgs (220 lbs)
Unladen weight: 4.4 Kgs (9.7 lbs)   Price: £132.00 incl. VAT

Main features.

  • Smooth ‘attack’ angle at front, pointed egg-shaped nose and narrow supportive rim means easy manœuvrability, e.g., over sastrugi, through pack-ice, trails through trees, etc. These are important features not available on cheaper plastic pulks.
  • Excellent glide – very low friction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Tough high density polyethylene.
  • Designed for use with rigid shaft or ropes.
  • Can be rafted side by side, or towed one behind the other.


    We now have a choice of blue and white shells


side view.

When combined with adjustable straps and a full length bag, these HDPE pulks cost significantly less than 50% of the price of equivalent fibreglass laminated pulks and less than 10% of the price of Kevlar pulks. And they perform just as well; some have said better! So, why pay more?

Physical comparison between our HDPE shells

weightinternal flat length -
along base
internal length
internal width
base (on flat)
internal width
overall widthheight
at front
Trail2.20 Kgs
4 lbs 13 ozs
115 cms
45-1/4 ins
139 cms
54-3/4 ins
147.5 cms
57-3/4 ins
31 cms
12 ins
41 cms
16 ins
50 cms
19-3/4 ins
16 cms
6-2/5 ins
50 Kgs
100 lbs
Expedition4.4 Kgs
9 lbs 11 ozs
130 cms
162 cms
63-3/4 ins
171.5 cms
67-1/2 ins ins
43 cms
17 ins
48 cms
19 ins
60 cms
23-5/8 ins
22 cms
8-5/8 ins
100 Kgs
220 lbs