Hands free compass support and Suunto M3 Global Compass

1. Hand-free compass support.

Hands Free in the field A Snowsled design, this simple and lightweight compass holder allows a skier or orienteer to travel and navigate without the need to use their hands to hold the compass. Its supplied in a small bag which can also hold the baseplate compass. The compass is supported, hands-free, in front of the chest where it can be easily read whilst on the move, and readily adjusted even when wearing big mitts or gloves. The holder is designed for baseplate compasses 60 mm wide and 4 mm thick, such as the Suunto M3 Global.

There are two sizes available – short and long. When leaning forward whilst hauling a pulk, it is more convenient to have the compass mounted further ahead, making it easier for sighting forward. The shorter length may be more convenient for walkers.two sizes 1 P1000915

chest to compass dialoverall length in bagweight
Short20 cms (8 ins.)38 cms (15 ins)160 grms (5.7 ozs)
Long30 cms (12 ins)50 cms (19.5")200 grms (7.1 ozs)


  • Adjustable neck and waist cord
  • Compass support cord
  • No metal components

2. Suunto M3 Global compass 

Suunto compass in holder P1000784


We stock these compasses, which are balanced for both Northern and Southern polar regions. Besides global balancing, they also feature,

  • Serated bezel ring with luminous dial for reading in dark conditions
  • Jewel bearing
  • Adjustable declination correction scale
  • Anti-slip rubber pads and rounded edges
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens

For an explanation of how global balancing is achieved, visit, http://www.suunto.com/Support/Compasses-feature-index/Understanding-balancing-zones/

A feature of the global balancing needle design is that the M3 compass reads correctly even when tilted up to 20 degrees from the horizontal, and this therefore allows it to work well with our Hands-Free support, in all areas of the world.

Prices (including VAT) – these are now also available in Canada and the USA – go to Pulks, compass supports.

Compass holder without compass    short £45.00, long £48.00

Compass holder + Suunto M3 compass         short £73.00, long £76.00

Suunto M3 compass  £46.00

3.  Ultimate Guide to Navigationnav book P1000782

For a definitive treatment of navigation in all it’s forms, with sections for beginners and experts alike, and covering all the world’s different environments including polar,  go to http://micronavigation.com/the-book/ , where you can preview and purchase the Ultimate Guide to Navigation by professional navigation expert Lyle Brotherton.