Casualty Bag – Insulation Pod

(see also SCS casualty bag)

Snowsled produces a casualty bag with a very high level of insulation, which we call the Insulation Pod. This is an all season, all weather casualty bag. Initial insulation tests at the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health suggest that a casualty inside the bag will be comfortable at -20C for over 3 hours with a windspeed of 4 m/s and for over 1.5 hours at -30C with the same windspeed. This was without the use of a vacuum mattress.


One heavy duty YKK zip (with cover strip) runs around almost the whole bag. The top cover  is zippered onto the base with three pairs of sliders. Each pair can be quickly slid to where access is needed.

  • The top cover can be ordered as end- or side-attached. 
  •  Adjustable neck collar with reflective surround.
  • Foot collar to allow leg traction device or very tall casualty.
  • Removable Thinsulate insulation panels, to provide 5 TOG rating, plus quality 10 mm foam base in base pocket.
  • 3 compression straps on each side to help reduce excess bag bulk.
  • A5 transparent pocket on the outside for cascard/notes.
  • 3 lifting handles on each side (in pockets, with drainage holes), with the webbing sewn continuous underneath the bag – can be used with stretcher poles to keep casualty level.
  • Rolls up small into own attached sac with compression straps and shoulder carrying strap, and which rolls away when in use.








  • Will accept large casualty, within vacuum mattress.
  • Completely weatherproof shell, totally secure large insulated volume within the shell.
  • Top cover can be used as a weather shield whilst loading casualty.
  • All insulation removable for cleaning or when weather is too hot.
  • Fast casualty packaging, consistent with required management of the injury site.
  • Fast, easy access to casualty at any time wherever the injury site is. 


Weight5.10 Kgs /11.2 lbs
Length/width2.15 m/50 cms
84-1/2 inches/20 inches
Maximum internal circumference2.0 m/79 inches
Rolled dimensions70 cms X 30 cms diam.
27-1/2 X 12 inches