About Snowsled

On June 1st 2017, Snowsled’s operations passed to two other organisations – full contact details on our home page.

There were two small companies under the Snowsled umbrella:-

Snowsled Polar Ltd developed and manufactured equipment for polar travellers and explorers, and for the Emergency Services.

Snowsled Clothing Ltd,  which worked with Ventile fabrics to produce a range of well-received garments for outdoor people, closed during 2015. Ventile garments had previously been sewn by Snowsled for over 21 years.

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We manufactured for a whole range of polar travellers including adventure seekers and polar challengers, expeditions with a mixture of science and fun, and governments and universities around the world with national collaborative programmes of scientific research.

All products were ‘Made in Britain’; sleds and all sewn items were produced ‘in-house’, giving benefits of quality control and the advantage of being able to respond fast to non-standard requests.

Goliath ExpeditionDuring Snowsled’s first six months in 1988, we made Nansen sleds and other components for the British Antarctic Survey, together with bespoke Kevlar pulks for Robert Swann’s International North Pole expedition. We also started development on the range of fiberglass and Kevlar pulks.

Ventile clothing and pyramid tents followed in the early 1990’s.

Dave Leaning, SpitsbergenP3300103An important development, the Ice Blue (now renamed HDPE)  pulk shells and system, was started in 2007, and has since well justified the initial outlay to provideSingle Scott Pyramid Tents a set of products that allows customers to pick and choose in support of their own particular expedition requirements.

Recreating the older designs of sleds from over 100 years ago, from the times of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen, were an occasional and enjoyable commission for us, and which Shackleton film 2have appeared in a number of important TV films.

We also developed and manufactured equipment for the emergency rescue services. The full-body vacuum mattress, developed specially for the Mountain Rescue Committee of England and Wales, first went into service in 1995. It is still specified by them as the standard product for all their member teams.

This was some years later followed by the SCS casualty rescue bag, initially designed and developed by a member of the Skye Mountain Rescue team. This cas bag is in service with some Scottish MR teams; a sideline development of this was the Insulation Pod.SCS Kilt Rock

We enjoyed regular contact with customers, acknowledging their input and experience in helping us to keep products in touch with today’s requirements.

For more about Snowsled’s history, click here for an outline of typical orders and commissions during Snowsled’s nearly 30 years of business.