to Snowsled

As previously advised on this page, with the end of April 2017 having been reached, Snowsled Polar Ltd has now stopped manufacturing and is winding the business down. From 1st June 2017 however, Snowsled brand products will once again be available – go to the ‘Snowsled Future’ page for details. In the meantime, May will be a non-productive month.

At the end of May, this Snowsled website will remain in place, but in a much changed and reduced form. Snowsled Polar Ltd will maintain a home page, for some time, with links to the two operations taking over manufacture and supply of Snowsled brand products, plus a ‘for sale’ page of stock left over. This ‘for sale’ page will be extended as we wind down and discover what we have left.

The ‘Snowsled Future’ page mentioned before, describes all this is more detail, together with contact details for the availability of Snowsled products going forward.

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