Ventile Clothing – technical

Ventile and High Performance Cottons.

The outer layer of each Snowsled jacket is made from pure high performance cotton Ventile.These cottons were developed during the World War II for the immersion suits of Royal Air Force pilots, and is so effective that it is still being used by the RAF today.

Virtually 100% breathable, comfortable and durable, Ventile fabric is a natural, windproof material. In the wet, it changes its open weave structure, closing up the interstices and creating a superb barrier aginst water percolation.

Good design features and manufacture in cotton Ventile offer effective protection in a variety of conditions – from the Antarctic to the desert and jungle.

Ventile cotton does not rely on the coatings, laminates or taped seams of other ‘performance’ garments. The processes at work derive from the integrity of the fabric itself, which has been working effectively for decades.

As well as being totally windproof and breathable, when subject to the Bundesmann Test it allows virtually zero percolation after the equivalent of hours of wear in rainstorm conditions. When combined with an inner layer of either P9 or another layer of Ventile, this performance and wearer comfort is enhanced considerably.

The breathability of these fabrics is outstanding and Ventile’s ability to pass water vapour ensures there is no problem with internal condensation.

Snowsled Ventile cottons are made from finely spun 100% Egyptian long staple cotton, with a strength greater than steel. The yarn is doubled and very closely woven, giving it the softness, comfort and quietness that is a hallmark of this natural fabric. The combination with our P9 mircofleece makes for an even lighter and softer garment with improved breathability and drying time of the outer fabric.