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Classic pouch pocket

Classic pouch pocket

Snowsled has a choice of outdoor clothing systems to offer.

Snowsled‘s experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of cotton Ventile garments is second to none. The garments appeal to all who enjoy the outdoors and wish to benefit from using natural materials.

We are also pleased to offer the range of clothing from Paramo Directional Clothing Systems. These are manufactured using Nikwax Directional Fabrics, which manage water and moisture around the body extremely efficiently, particularly in both very cold and very wet conditions. These will appeal to people working hard in the outdoors, and in particular in the mountains and polar regions.


For Ventile garments – for all information, click on the lower line of buttons above, which only relate to Ventile garments.
For Paramo garments – to view garment range, visit Paramo website To order contact Snowsled Polar.